Eli Grambling

Eli Grambling has been doing CrossFit for a little over 4 years.
“An old pastor of mine introduced me to CrossFit.  We started out in the yard, with almost no equipment. It was the pastor, my brother, my cousin, and I just out there grinding it out.  I remember doing 12 Days of Christmas out there.  Now that place has grown into a full blown box, Barnyard CrossFit.  But, it’s kind of neat to see where I started in CrossFit & where I’m at now.”
Eli began coaching in February of 2017 at CrossFit WarTown.
“I love seeing these people day in & day out, seeing a movement finally ‘click’ in their heads, and seeing their performance improve. I’m a huge people person, so I love it, I love being a coach.”
Fun Fact: Eli also played Division 1 Football at Mercer University
Favorite Movement: Squat Clean
Least Favorite Movement: Deadlift (Ironic b/c it’s part of the clean, but I hate deadlifts)