Liz Cunningham

After getting picked last in gym class, being cut from volleyball teams, placing poorly in track meets, and marrying a guy who was way fitter than her, Liz tried CrossFit in August of 2013 and never looked back.  Born and raised in Colorado, Coach Liz came to Warner Robins with her husband Colin to start her Air Force career as a developmental engineer.  As an aspiring crossfitter, she attended various local competitions, but quickly realized her true love of the sport came alive when she was coaching other people.  Liz has been a coach since February 2014 and has had a blast seeing athletes achieve their goals, try new things, develop skills they never imagined, and pursue pain free fitness at all ages and walks of life.  When she’s not coaching, you might find her giving unsolicited nutrition advice or impersonating a weightlifter or gymnast – feel free to come say hi anytime!


Favorite movement: snatch

Least favorite: thrusters